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Make a Website For Flash Games

Want to create a website for flash games? I have some info for you on this subject! I’m a web developer and I can tell you all about creating websites, and in this article specifically I will tell you about my knowledge on developing websites for flash games.

The steps are relatively simple or can become involved. To make a website using HTML, CSS, and such you’ll have to seek another guide, as this covers making sites for fun games. If you’re not a web developer, it’s ok. You can try WordPress, which is a little harder than using a WYSIWYG. WYSIWYG platforms in laymen’s terms are drag and drop website builder. Once you have a website up and functioning, we can proceed.

You can create your flash player games, but this is too in-depth of a subject for this article. So, instead, I will tell you about some you can plug into your website for a smooth start. If you’re using WordPress, you can download plugins, but either way, you can get the game online with an embed code. 

One of the sites I use is Kongregate.com. They have over 125,000 games that you can download for your website — provided that you follow their guidelines, of course. Also, if you are a flash player developer, they will sponsor your work and help you make an income. You can also get an XML feed from them which will get you thumbnails, ratings, descriptions, and more.

If you’re looking for a reputable name safe for the whole family, Pogo.com should be your one-stop-shop hosting a small selection of games that have shown to be favorites of family’s for years. My personal favorite is Risk, and I’ve always had success with these games with my friends.

Famous by its broad selection of original games Bored.com is a worthy mentionable for Flash Games as well. You will find outlandish and exciting games to keep your visitor interested. I personally really enjoy Command Grid, I’m playing it now!

So this covers how to make a website for games. If you’d like an in-depth guide on how to make fun animated games, you’ll have to find guides on how to do such things which cannot be covered in this article.