Games Flash Different Colors When Alt Tabbing

If you are having fun playing a game but one of the keys that you have to press mess with your vision it can make the game a little hard to play. No one wants to play a game where one of the keys that you have to use make the screen go crazy for a second. There are many reasons why your flash games would flash random colors at you when you press a certain button. Some reasons are more common than others but rest assured, I will try my best to walk you through some steps on how to fix it and to get the games to stop flashing colors at you when you play.

The first reason, and often the most common reason, why your flash games are shooting out random colors when you alt tab your game is that you aren’t fully clicked onto the game screen. If you don’t have you game set up to be the main focus by clicking on it with your mouse, or if the game isn’t full screen it will flash a blue color.

Another common reason that your windows updated and it added in a setting that will need to be turned off in order to stop the color flashing. Unlike with the case above this, sometimes games don’t want to be the main focus and the games run better if they are not put into full screen mode because of things like this happening. You will need to go to your windows settings and turn off full screen optimizer and that should fix the problem that you are having.

If neither of these options fix the screen flashing when you are playing a game and pressing alt tab then you should consider contacting the support page for the game that you are playing.